Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rite of Passage

Why must you always tell me what to do?
How many times have I resisted you
And your stupid, pointless guidelines and rules?
Will you not learn? I won’t listen to fools!

You think you know what’s best for my life.
But clearly you don’t – just look at the strife
That we each hold the other to blame for…
This control is done. I want it no more.

And now that I am a legal adult,
I will object to your ageist assault.
I will no longer shut up and agree
With your petty expectations of me.

But now I have a voice and chance to speak
My own opinions and they are not weak.
So be forewarned of my anger and rage,
Because these bars won’t keep me in your cage.

You crushed the unique person that I was,
But you won’t keep me on the ground because
I don’t need you to know that I’m okay;
I am fine, no matter what you may say

I am just Shelby, and that is enough.
I like it this way; I’m calling your bluff
That to be “cool” people should be like you,
Because they don’t, and won’t, when I am through.

So thanks a lot, World, you really fucked me.
But I’m back with a vengeance…
Hope you’re ready.

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