Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Origin of Love

I came from love, and entered into love;
Between husband and wife, between parent and child.
I caused the shift
From one-on-one to zone defense.
I am from 3022 Bard Ave.
It was the little, blue house with dark blue shutters and deep green ivy –
Creeping up the vinyl siding and covering the red brick –
With two great Oaks that looked like men, my guardians through the night.
I am from Barbies with mo-hawk hair and togas made from scraps of material;
American Girl Dolls and the original Polly Pockets for hours on end.
I am from a white, wicker basket filled with dress-ups –
Heinous representations of late eighties and early nineties weddings.
I am from a plastic Playskool kitchen and giant skyscrapers of MarbleWorks.
I am from summers spent at Kindleberger Park –
Watching and playing, cheering and eating
Concession stand hot dogs with tangy ketchup and zesty mustard, pungent onions;
Cold, chocolate malt cups that melted faster than you could eat it with the flat, wooden spoon.
I am from Primary Chapel at Calvary Bible Church with joyful teachers in denim jumpers and fluffy hair;
Awana Cubbies wearing blue vests and Sparks in the red.
I am from Fred and Julie –
From hard work and great food, from silly games and a listening ear, from big hugs and warm kisses.
I am from Millie and Joe –
Stern and loving, bickering and prejudice, unbelievable work ethic and familial pride.
I am from Shirley and Dave –
An angel and a comic, generous and available, thoughtful and true.
I am from Mrs. Atkins –
Her scary seized up arthritic hands and unforgiving eyebrows, but also her passion for teaching, for God, for phonics… for me.
I am from Drue –
His sensitivity towards weakness, his fierce loyalty, his lust for competition.
I am from Carly –
Her need for attention, her gift of writing, her intellect and insight.
I am from Taylor –
His patience, his crazy quirks, his unwavering backbone of faith.
I am from the Igreja Biblica Baptista Esperanca –
From a mighty God, an omnipotent and omnipresent Father,
A family which far extends my blood,
A hope for eternal life.
I came from love.
I entered love.
I will return to love.


  1. This is one of my favorite things that you have ever written. It's so beautiful and true...I can't tell you how much I love it. It was on my wall last year, lol.

  2. Baby Sis! this is also one of my favorite poems I have ever read. Love you booboo!