Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't Ever Be Ashamed

I wrote this sonnet during Spirit Week of my senior year after I borrowed some clothes from a family friend who is in the Marines. The day was "Army Day" and Andrew let me wear one his jackets and a hat; as I walked the halls that day, I felt so proud to be representing the men and women of the Armed Forces of this great nation, and everything they have fought and sacrificed for. Patriotism is not a shameful thing; people are fighting for freedom and justice on a worldwide level... the least we can do is support them.

Ev'ry sunrise you see could be your last,
Yet fear cannot find a home in your heart.
And back at home your family lives aghast
That you could die while you are still apart.
You defend our justice and liberty
And are willing to pay with your own life;
You sacrifice so that I can be free,
And you do it despite hardship and strife.
How can I thank you for all that you do?
A simple word is not nearly enough.
You're a Soldier of the Red, White and Blue
An American - built Strong, Brave and Tough.
Your service is honorable and true,
Worthy of respect and reverence too.
Soldiers of the Armed Forces, I salute you.

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