Thursday, February 19, 2009

In the Dead of Winter [My Heart Fades]

This is "Winter Pastoral" as it was originally intended...

The snow blankets the ground
Deceiving my eyes to what is beneath
And the true landscape remains hidden.

[My smiling face is a mask to my soul
Deceiving their eyes to what is beneath,
And my heart is hidden in confusion and lies.]

The wind bites at my skin.
Its touch penetrates through layers of clothes
And my ears ring from its scream.

[Shame gnaws at my heart.
The effects of my life penetrate beyond me
And their hearts ache at my tears.]

The nights come faster, and stay longer.
Darkness falls over the land
And settles in our hearts.

[Hopeless thoughts are coming faster, and staying longer.
Darkness falls over my conscience
And settles in my heart.]

The winter is cold and lonely,
Fearful and dishonest.

[My heart is frozen and alone,
Afraid and confused.]

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